You Lucky People!

The Spoiler’s Football Book competition – the winners are…

Thanks, Gary!

Gary Lineker

For the last few days, The Spoiler inbox has been overflowing with correct answers to the near-insulting Gary Lineker question about the 1986 World Cup, and we can now announce that two Spoiler readers have been picked – totally at random – to win all [...]

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Competition Time

Remember, Spoiler readers, there are books to be won!

Like these, only much newer


The Spoiler inbox has been going bananas all week, with entries to the recent book competition piling up like dirty plates in a student kitchen. Someone is going to have to sort this mess out.

And sorted it shall be. The two lucky winners [...]

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Competition Time

Who wants to win a load of books about football?

Okay, so that’s most people…


As previously mentioned, The Spoiler inbox is a hotbed of frenzied activity – most of it bad. But, every once in a while, a small diamond rises to the top of the overflowing goblet of sewage, such as an email received today from a [...]

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