How many upsets will there be in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals?

“I’ll have one”


The Spoiler’s favourite ever bet wasn’t even a winner, but provided four days of unrelenting excitement: backing the outsiders in all four Euro 2008 quarter-finals.

Germany saw off Portugal in the first, Turkey’s barmy comeback from 1-0 down in the last minute of extra-time against Croatia kept it alive and Russia saw off the tournament’s [...]

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not guilty news

Laurent Blanc isn’t racist and gets to keep his job

Noir or Blanc – it don’t matter


Well, we got that wrong didn’t we? Last week The Spoiler said that Laurent Blanc was as good as sacked as France boss following comments he made in a private meeting that were subsequently made non-private.

Since then though, French Sports minister, [...]

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Merde stuff

Blanc looks to be out on his arse after French racism row

Laurent Blanc – not Noir


If there was one thing that helped stop thousands of English football fans throwing themselves in front of buses or drinking even more than usual last summer it was this thought – at least England’s World Cup wasn’t as bad as France’s.

It was [...]

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Anelka and Henry still want their World Cup money, ta

Man demands payment from clowns

Anelka clowns 

The Spoiler speaks what you could call “basic basic French” at best, but with a little bit of luck, this won’t be completely lost in translation.

According to reports from our French cousins, whilst 21 members of the France World [...]

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The Big Question

Team Nasri or Team Gallas?

OMG! No handshake shocker!

Gallas and Nasri 

As is now the tradition, when two people in the public eye have a big falling out, it’s up to the public to roll their sleeves up and chuck in their two pence worth. We all did it with Jordan and [...]

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