Mmmm cake

OMFG! Look at Louis van Gaal’s amazing birthday cake!

Oh God! That looks lush!

Birthday Cake 

Close your eyes and imagine what your 59th birthday party would look like. Chances are it will go in one of two directions. Either you’ll be surrounded by your wonderful family, enjoying a nice simple cake. Or you’ll be alone in a [...]

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More wonderful “Ribery in Prison” pictures

“Franck in Jail” by Darren. Email YOURS here

Ribery in Prison

To make the point clear, there is nothing to be gained from the French football prostitution scandal, aside from some good life lessons about how you should probably garner sex through mutual attraction, rather than [...]

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Send in your “Franck Ribery in Prison” pictures

Here’s one entitled “ShawFranck Redemption”

Shawshank Ribery

One of the big stories today is that Franck Ribery might yet be sent down for up to three years for having sex with an underage prostitute – namely Zahia Dehar, who was under the French legal prostitution age of 18 when Ribery paid for [...]

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