Is Villas-Boas so fed up that he actually wants Chelsea to get rid?

AVB kindly points out that this is usually sacking season at Chelsea


It’s tough to know how to feel about Andre Villas-Boas. He’s not the most endearing boss – though Mick McCarthy’s demise pushes him up that table – yet there has to be some sympathy as he tries to assert authority over the squad who think that they can manage themselves.

Saturday’s 3-0 stroll past a [...]

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Because we definitely know best...

What should Andre Villas-Boas do now he’s Chelsea boss?

Time to be less loveable?


Really, this question should be extremely simple to answer. He should gradually shape the team by bringing his own players in, gradually stamp his footballing identity on the team and Chelsea should gradually become the European-conquering side they’ve threatened to be for the past [...]

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excellent interview

Joey Barton doesn’t rate Lampard or Gerrard and totally hates Gareth Barry

Return of the Barton…


Football and everything that goes with it has been pretty good during the past few weeks. Wayne Rooney continues to cause trouble, The Champions League is hotting up (despite three of the four semi-finalists already being confirmed), the Premier League is nearing conclusion and – [...]

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a big question

Should Joey Barton be in the England squad?

Barton! Smiling!


Imagine for a moment that you’re interviewing for a job at a bakery. You’re the best person for that job – the other guys going for it are past it or too inexperienced to do the baking as well as you can.

But you don’t get the [...]

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Woman Scorned

Elen Rives sheds some light on the mysterious Frank Lampard

Rives – fashion risk taker

Elen Rives

Close you eyes and imagine Frankie Lamps away from the football pitch, just getting on with his normal everyday life. What do you see? The Spoiler sees a man hoovering the house, folding napkins for a dinner party, pressing flowers into a book, [...]

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Handsome Couple

Frank Lampard’s ex upgrades to a hunky pop twit

Rives and Andre (clutching some homemade Lynx)

Elen Rives and Peter Andre

Totally unwittingly, The Spoiler is now part of actual news. Some might remember yesterday that we mentioned a dreamy afternoon in Claridge’s being dragged into the sewers by the arrival of Peter Andre and some [...]

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