Transfer Talk

Liverpool eyeing up more English talent

Trading in gossip and rumour is fun, kids

James Milner

An international tournament is very nearly upon us which can only mean one thing: it’s time for Cristiano Ronaldo to piss off England. At the 2006 World Cup, the C-Ron Likeability-ometer took a Big Brother villain-esque plunge following his [...]

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Chaos at Chelsea

Chelsea shove Grant out the window – new victim wanted!

Blues’ dream of being Premier League’s most entertaining club in sight – during the summer at least

In spite of guiding Chelsea to within a spot kick of the Champions League, a penalty which he could hardly be blamed for missing, thunder-faced Avram Grant has been asked to lose Chelsea’s number and stop bothering them [...]

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Trouble at Barcelona

Ronaldinho’s career could be over

Brazilian superstar finds room in his crowded nightlife schedule for a trip to a local hospital


Brazilian party boy Ronaldinho, who has spent the last six months of his career at Barcelona working on his reputation as damaged goods, could have a lot more leisure time on his hands [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Does Avram Grant deserve to be sacked?

Much-maligned Chelsea boss is on the verge of greatness

Avram Grant

When Jose Mourinho walked the plank of the Good Ship Chelsea, no one expected his replacement to last more than a few games. But here we are, and Avram Grant is just two games from giving Chelsea their [...]

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New Chelsea players

Italians reckon Abramovich is taking Kaka to Chelsea

Kaka belongs to Jesus

Still speechless with disbelief at the sight of the world’s most expensive team leaving the Carling Cup final on Sunday WITH LOSERS’ MEDALS, Roman Abramovich has decided to fight the pain and humiliation by spending yet more eye-watering sums of money. According to [...]

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Barcelona News

Rijkaard defends Ronaldinho’s weight

He’s not the porkiest Brazilian out there


Over the last year or so, Ronaldinho has been getting a bit of stick for being lazy and a little tubby, prompted by pictures such as the one above. In his last two games, however, Ronny has taken off his shirt [...]

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