Sturridge to Bolton, Melo to Arsenal, and other stuff

The shoes on her feet – she bought ‘em


Everyone’s second favourite Saturday has FINALLY spoken about her burning ‘like’ for Wayne Bridge – but Frankie Sandford is determined not to be labelled a grotty gold-diggin’ WAG. She said:

“Don’t call me a WAG! I’m not a typical WAG [...]

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Shagging News

An important football update about Frankie Sandford

Frankie sneaking into Bridge’s delux cottage:


For those of you far too macho to enjoy the showbusiness pages, you are totally missing out. Today’s highlights include: the transvestite Alex Reid begging his beautiful wife Jordan not to put an end to their wild ride. He’s even still wearing the massive golden [...]

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transfer stuff

Wayne Bridge to get extra football lessons at West Ham

“Great… Excellent… Upton Park sounds lovely”


If you were at school and missed a couple of weeks due to chickenpox or other childish illnesses, there was often a kindly teacher who’d welcome you back, sit you down and tell you not to worry about [...]

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A beautiful lady!

Don’t tell JT, but Wayne Bridge has a hot new girlfriend

Would… would… Frankie… would… would

The Saturdays

Fans of the all-girl supergroup The Saturdays will know Frankie Sandford as the one with short secretarial hair, which is as shiny and dark as a raven’s smoking jacket. It’s beautiful. She’s beautiful.

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Hot Girls!

10 beautiful women who should totally be WAGs

God! They’re beautiful!


In guaranteed employment terms, getting in on with a footballer is like getting A levels, a degree, a masters and a PHD all in one go. One minute, you’re wondering where your next penny is coming from, the next you’re oscillating between a perfume making lab, a [...]

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