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10 of football’s greatest metrosexuals REVEALED!

Beckham – staggeringly metrosexual

David Beckham 

Gone are the days when footballers were the men awkwardly shuffling around in a jumper from Millets and some stone washed jeans on their day off, desperately attempting to fit in with the rest of society. These days, some of these weekend athletes are also fashion [...]

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The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Arsenal team of the Millennium

Petit scores Arsenal’s only goal of the match

Emmanuel Petit 

With 2010 staring silently from the horizon, The Spoiler has taken the opportunity to celebrate some of the fine football teams that lined up for matches right at the start of this new Millennium.

Today it’s the turn of [...]

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Film Star

Freddie Ljungberg aims to conquer Hollywood

… and also play for some football team

Freddie Ljunberg

Swedish underwear peddler Freddie Ljungberg has landed back on his feet after West Ham tore up his contract – he will now be playing with brand spanking new MLS outfit the Seattle Sounders. As the team’s ‘designated player’ (the [...]

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Macho News

Sol hangs out with luvvies, Freddie gets the sushi in

It’s not all Movida and Chinawhites, apparently…

Sol and Fred

While most footballers choose to spend the evening tensing their stomach muscles to impress glamour models, some, in their 30s, prefer to keep slightly more sophisticated company. The Spoiler is, of course, referring to Sol Campbell and Freddie [...]

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Mr Underpants eats

More stress for Ljungberg

Will the strolls and lunches never cease?

Freddie Ljungberg

At a sprightly 31-years-old, it looks like Freddie Ljungberg – until a few days ago presumed missing (by The Spoiler) – might have hung up his boots for good. The big question is whether the goal-scoring underpants model [...]

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