Bad Moves

The curse of leaving Arsenal continues…

Gunners Alumni continue to face misfortune

Whether Arsene Wenger has developed a knack for selling players at exactly the right moment, or there is some genuine witchcraft going on, it seems that Arsenal players who move on to ‘better their careers’ don’t seem to be able to live up to expectations.

When making his home [...]

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Missing Person

Ljungberg found in New York

Panic over, we’ve got him…

Freddie Ljungberg

Anyone who has ever been sacked from their job already knows all about that great feeling of having nothing to do – it’s excellent, until you suddenly realise that, seriously dude, you have nothing to do. Not anything. You needn’t even [...]

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The Future

Big Freddie Ljungberg and Arsene Wenger news

Tomorrow’s headlines today


Insomniacs, don’t lie in bed waiting for tomorrow, simply skip bed and bring tomorrow to you. Have breakfast straight after your tea, enjoy lunch at around midnight, and have a look at these futuristic stories we plucked from the space time continuum specifically with you in [...]

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So tired

Premier League: Old Man XI

WARNING! Some of these men are old enough to be your brother…


At 66-years-old, Sir Alex Ferguson still knows how to ruffle some feathers and get some backs up. Just this morning he studied the horizon to make sure Scholes and Giggs were out of earshot, [...]

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Massive Whinger

It’s official, Arsene Wenger is a great big meanie

Ljungberg lets it all out, finally


Well, we’ve all been waiting for this day. It’s taken a while to come out, but Freddie Ljungberg has finally broken down in tears and lifted the lid on how horrible it was playing for Arsenal, and how Arsene Wenger was really mean [...]

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Football Fashion

Football’s new style icon: Mr Micah Richards


With Beckham jogging slowly towards retirement, and Freddie Ljungberg no longer quite so fiercely dressed at the weekends, everyone has been going absolutely bananas with worry – where are we going to get our fashion tips from? Damn it, it’s nearly Spring/Summer!

Well, the worry is over people, because [...]

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Tittle Tattle

Transfer Talk: Is Eto’o FLIRTING with Tottenham?


Ahh, Saint George’s Day – the one day of the year when you can go into the office with your tatts out and blood on your knuckles and no one even bats an eyelid. Because if they do, that’s fighting talk, their eyelid is taking the mick, thinking it’s [...]

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Tittle Tattle

Transfer Talk: Is Tony Adams really going home?


In between lovely slices of mango and giant slurps of caffeine-free Diet Coke, The Spoiler has perused and foraged the transfers underworld, and these gems were lurking in the shrubbery. So to speak.

Tony Adams to Arsenal Hey what’s wrong Arsene? Feeling a wee bit sensitive because your [...]

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