The Big Question

Team Nasri or Team Gallas?

OMG! No handshake shocker!

Gallas and Nasri 

As is now the tradition, when two people in the public eye have a big falling out, it’s up to the public to roll their sleeves up and chuck in their two pence worth. We all did it with Jordan and [...]

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Size Matters

Wenger tired of his dinky team

Angry Arsene demands that his players grow


Frenchman Arsene Wenger decided that the reason Arsenal lost to Hull City on Saturday was down to size and declared: “I believe that we have more a size problem than quality in our defending problem.”

Wenger, bubbling with fury, was incensed by [...]

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Norf Laaandan

What’s wrong with you, Arsenal and Spurs players? Can’t take the heat?

North London proves a little bit too edgy for troubled footballers…


People who survive North London are cut from a different cloth to the average gent. That’s probably why Hleb can’t take it, but the likes of Lehmann, Bergkamp and Amy Winehouse can. They’re just a little bit edgier, [...]

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