The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First England Team of the Millennium

Keegan horsing around during a pre-match training session

Kevin Keegan

With the end of the first decade of the Millenium just about mouthing “hello” from over the horizon, The Spoiler is taking the opportunity to doff a cap to some of the teams that graced the field in [...]

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Promising English managers

Southgate and Middlesbrough in unmutual termination

You’re next Rafa

I’ll get me coat then

Fresh from the confusion and turmoil of winning a match, Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson obviously felt a little trigger-happy this morning. A statement on the club’s website said the following:


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Missing Persons Appeal

Help Gareth Southgate find his missing players

Mido, Afonso Alves, Mohamed Shawky and Tuncay are hiding somewhere in this hectic market scene. If you spot them, please alert Middlesbrough Football Club immediately.

Where’s Middlesbrough’s players?

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Five reasons why Newcastle and Boro may get the result they both dread

Newcastle/Middlesbrough, Premier League, 8pm, Setanta Sports 1

Gareth Southgate and Alan Shearer

Unless West Brom do the unthinkable, there will be no Great Escape this season: if either Newcastle or Middlesbrough survive it won’t be because of a remarkable turnaround or inspirational management, it will be [...]

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