World Cup Fever

The Spoiler’s Greatest Ever World Cup XI

Yeah, not bad…

World Cup XI

From now until the end of time, people will debate the greatest ever World Cup players, and attempt to come up with the perfect team. Fights will break out, relationships will hit the rocks, old women will be arrested in supermarkets [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Wonders # 2: Garrincha, 1958, 1962

Great Garrincha skills

Pele is widely toted as the greatest player of them all – certainly in terms of players from Brazil. But the real beard-strokers out there will [...]

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Ronaldo sparks up a smoke!

Even the best have problems, you know…

Great footballers, the really good ones, need a vice. It’s kind of like a yin/yang, pleasure/pain thing. Maradona needed great big buckets of finest cocaine to counter his amazing touch, Garrincha – the legendary Brazilian – insisted on drink driving and having tonnes of animalistic sex to take [...]

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Personal Demons

Football’s Most Troubled XI

The Spoiler presents the best of the angry, drunk and depressed


The main issue that footballers have is that once away from the pitch, what is there to do? God forbid they have to pick up a book and read! The lucky ones play golf and hang out with [...]

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