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Gary Megson isn’t impressed by Ben Foster’s iPod

Bolton have been using them for ages! Honest!

Ben Foster and his iPod

As everyone in the world is frightfully aware by now, Ben Foster gained the upper hand in the Carling Cup shoot-out by boning up on Tottenham’s penalty-taking techniques with the help of coach [...]

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Why is everything going wrong for Hull?

Tigers fans climb aboard the booing bandwagon

Phil Brown delivering his half-time team-talk on the pitch against Manchester City

There were boos ringing out all over the country this weekend as fans of Arsenal, Aston Villa, Newcastle and Wolves [...]

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Which one player would you poach from… Bolton Wanderers?

No, you can’t have Lofty the Lion


The scenario: You’re the manager of a Premier League team, and you’re allowed to strengthen your squad by signing just one player in the January transfer window. But you can only choose someone from The Ginger Mourinho’s Wanderers – so who do [...]

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The Blame Game

The Spoiler’s top ten Premier League scapegoats

The men who have shouldered the blame this season


On matchday, Premier League football fans need three things to sustain their interest in the beautiful game: an overpriced ticket for a flimsy plastic seat, a weak pint (to be consumed away from the playing surface, Mr Ashley) [...]

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