Terrible News

Oh sweet baby Moses, G. Neville is becoming a pundit


Jeff Stelling 

Here’s an old saying from around the way: “don’t worry, mate, could be worse – Gary Neville could be a pundit”. At which point you chuckle, hug your wise friend, and continue to mourn in silence.

But guess what’s just happened? According to Goaly Moly, the world’s best [...]

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Neville Neville Land

Neville granted permission to build ridiculous house

Neville – crazier than a bag of oranges

Gary Neville

Quickly becoming football’s Howard Hughes, were you to fast forward a decade or so, you’d probably find Gary Neville sitting alone in an underground bunker, toenails stretching from his feet, surrounded by bottles of his own urine. It’s a sweeping [...]

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Breaking News

What if Terry’s foot keeps him out of the World Cup?

“Ow, my foot!”


As is the England tournament tradition, an important player has managed to bugger up his foot just weeks before kick off – namely, JT. And yes, the whisper on the street is that it’s the bloody metatarsal again.

A Chelsea statement reads thusly:

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World Cup Fever

Joe Cole out, Carragher and Hargreaves in… apparently

Is Capello making a mistake?

Joe Cole 

The provisional 30 man England squad is set to be announced later today, and the news from this morning’s Mirror is that Joe Cole will receive a double blow to the solar plexus – firstly, by not being named in the thing, and [...]

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