Women in Swimwear

Stand back Europe, the WAGs are coming, and they’re in swimming costumes

Three WAGs, about a million bikinis

Well, it was only a matter of time wasn’t it? The very second that the football season comes to an end, the nation’s favourite WAGs and their buddies hurl their delicate bikinis into big expensive suitcases and journey around the world sipping fruity cocktails, and smearing one another in [...]

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Ronaldo's Women

Ronaldo’s Loveliest Girlfriends (featuring Nereida Gallardo, Gemma Atkinson…)

The Portuguese man-o-sex’s top five conquests

For those who didn’t know, Cristiano Ronaldo (full name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro) was named after the evil American politician/actor Ronald Reagan, which, as people to be named after goes, is only a few back from calling your child Adolf, Judas or Jack the Ripper.

All of [...]

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Friday WAG treat

Breaking news: Gemma Atkinson loves lingerie

Marcus Bent’s WAG still photogenic

Don’t bother wasting any more time pointing your camera at the Grand Canyon, your first born child or the devastating effects of war, as this morning’s Daily Star declared Gemma Atkinson‘s latest shoot to be ‘The best pics you’ll EVER see in your life!’



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Picture of the Day

Marcus Bent shows off his impressive tattoo collection

An anatomy of a Premier League star’s ink

In this snap of Marcus Bent on holiday in Spain, your eyes may be immediately drawn to the WAG with the novelty boobs laying at his feet. If you care to draw your eyes north of Gemma Atkinson, you will be treated to Bent’s incredibly veiny legs, [...]

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WAG Watch

Britain’s youth don’t like WAGs

Young girls now look up to coke snorting models instead

Danielle Lloyd

A poll carried out by the bank Abbey has discovered that just one per cent of young ladies in Britain wish to follow in the footsteps of Gemma Atkinson, Danielle Lloyd and the rest of the nouveau [...]

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WAG Watch

Gemma Atkinson goes a bit lesbian

But it’s only acting, daahrling

In her greatest (read: only) acting challenge since Hollyoaks, Marcus Bent’s better half is to star in forthcoming UK film Boogie Woogie. It also features Heather Graham, Gillian Anderson and Christopher Lee, and according to the synopsis on IMDB, it has bugger all to do with disco or [...]

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WAG of the Day

No. 9: Gemma Atkinson

The footballer lovin’ model is about to assault the music charts

Having been romantically affiliated with Marcus Bent, Alan Smith and Cristiano Ronaldo, glamour model Gemma Atkinson is a fully fledged member of the WAG circuit. The 23-year-old Manchester lass made her name on teen soap Hollyoaks, and has since bolstered a [...]

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