Holy List

10 Extremely biblical looking footballers

Jesus H Christ meets Prince Charles

Jesus and Prince Charles 

Of course, most of the nation will spend the weekend embroiled in sprouts, drinking heavily, and most definitely not sitting down to rewatch Mel Gibson’s incredibally inaccurate, and rather over the top remake of The Life of Brian.

Some [...]

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Don't phone, it's just for fun

Daily Competition: Guess the football autobiography 7

We read them so you don’t have to

Patience is a virtue Mr MwepuLlunga. As is getting the right answer in this quiz. So congratulations to <deep breath> eltigreferoz, rehab polga now, Clysidious, Ziggy, Steph, Laura, for all correctly identifying the serial shtupper as George Best.

Today’s effort , in the ungoogleable competition that is keeping [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 247: Alex Best

One of George Best’s many off-the-field passions

George Best may have made some bad decisions on his illustrious life, but when a blonde air hostess 26 years his junior agreed to marry him in 1995, few questioned his judgement. Since rising to fame on the legendary star’s arm, Alex Best was [...]

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Personal Demons

Football’s Most Troubled XI

The Spoiler presents the best of the angry, drunk and depressed


The main issue that footballers have is that once away from the pitch, what is there to do? God forbid they have to pick up a book and read! The lucky ones play golf and hang out with [...]

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