They want their Villa back, but what defines Aston Villa-ness?

Not the man affectionately known as the dirty Bluenose b******


Alex McLeish was predictably lampooned as Aston Villa endured their fifth 0-0 draw with a bottom-half rival this season away to bottom club Wigan.

And along with the bland, worn-out cries of “you don’t know what you’re doing” came a chorus that similarly unpopular predecessor Gerard Houllier was once treated to: “we want our Villa [...]

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Is this man responsible for the mess at Fulham?

This “super agent” may have been offering not-so-super advice

Kia Joorabchian at Craven Cottage

Early June is supposed to be silly season, when The Spoiler is forced to pounce on the slightest scrap of speculation and dress it up as big news. Events at Fulham over [...]

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Poll – Who should succeed Gerard Houllier at Aston Villa?

Is it time for this popular figure to return to the Premier League?

Rafael Benitez

A fair few Aston Villa fans never took to Gerard Houllier as their manager, and most neutrals weren’t too impressed by his appointment, but undoubtedly what transpired was an awful way for his tenure [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Signing of the Season

Hernandez was heartbroken by our harsh decision to snub him

Javier Hernandez

Some pundits will tell you that Javier Hernandez is not only the signing of the season but of the entire century, however we’re going to try to make a case for somebody else, more so to avoid [...]

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The Sack Race

Make money out of a sacked manager’s utter dismay

Long since gone are the days when a manager would be given time to get things right, and at last count roughly half of all Premier League bosses were rumoured to be nervously sniffing glue in a bid to silence the self-doubting voices in their minds.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to the current sack race, [...]

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A brochure

A short guide for anyone looking to join Aston Villa…

It looks like PASTA!

Spaghetti Junction

As reported in today’s Daily Mail, Gerard Houllier has decreed it a total lack of commitment to sign for Aston Villa and NOT move to Birmingham.

With that in mind, The Spoiler thought it high time to throw together a few facts about Birmingham to [...]

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Gambling Information

Make money on Gerard Houllier’s return to Anfield

Great times…

Gerard Houllier

For those wondering, no, Gerard Houllier has not been back to Anfield. Not in any official capacity anyway. He might have nipped back to pick up some branded fountain pens and a carton of smokes that he’d left in Rafa’s office, but this will be the first chance [...]

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News in brief

Messi doesn’t do reading, Michael Owen talks tough

Ahh, great times

Owen and Houllier 

As suggested by this year’s Big Brother winner Josie, whenever you’re feeling low, it’s a good idea to think about someone worse off than yourself. The buxom milkmaid thought about a lady who had her face ripped off by a monkey. The Spoiler now thinks of George [...]

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