Loose Lips

Ballack’s agent causes uproar with German gay claims

Becker with Ballack

Becker and Ballack 

Well, there’s an awkward uproar in Germany, thanks to Michael Ballack’s agent, Michael Becker, who gave a recent interview to the popular news magazine, Der Spiegel, in which he thought he’d casually “out” some members of the German side.

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Celebrity Bastards

Wealthy celebs prevent families from watching World Cup

Yeah, smile it up, Hilton

Paris Hilton 

Here’s a moving picture for you: a grown man has promised his children a trip of a lifetime to watch the World Cup semi final, but his flight can’t land at the airport in Durban, because the place is littered with private jets.

His [...]

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Massive Punt

Terrible gambler loses silly money thanks to Spain

“Good day, dear?”… “Erm….

Burning Money

If you ever think that you’re having a bad day, just close your eyes and imagine that you’re the risk taker who thought that a 500,000 euros bet on a Germany win last night (at odds 10/11) was a decent bit of business - even though the magic octopus in your head just [...]

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Lovely Hair

Ozil and 6 other magnificent sportsmen with mullets

The hairstyle of the greats

Mesut Ozil

History proves that there is a rich correlation between terrific sportsmen, and intriguing hairstyles. And like so many magnificent athletes from the past, it seems that Mesut Ozil started his career sporting a gorgeous swashbuckling mullet.

He’s in rich company, as proved after the jump…

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