Transfer Talk

The 10 most enthralling transfer stories of the summer

Including this ongoing saga…

Enthralling transfers

Make no mistake about it, the next couple of months are going to become transfer bonkers. With that in mind, after the jump, you’ll find some of the biggest stories of the summer. Potentially. 

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Problems Problems

Roughly 10 World Cup mistakes made by England

Textbook stop by Green… oh hang on!

Robert Green

From now until the point at which everyone gets tired of analysing England’s problems, and resort instead to puffing out their cheeks and walking away crying whenever the World Cup is mentioned, the microscope will be focussed on what exactly went wrong.


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Transfer Talk

Might this be Jose Mourinho’s ideal Real Madrid XI?

Third time lucky?

Mourinho and Gerrard

With Mourinho seemingly all set to swan over to Real Madrid, there has been much talk about who he’ll be looking to sign in the summer months.

The whisper is that he’s going to start by adding a little bit of grit [...]

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Arts and Crafts

Send in your “Victorious England” World Cup artwork…

Like this, from Spoiler reader, Dave Williams

World Cup 

The Spoiler likes nothing more than an afternoon of arts and crafts, and with the World Cup looming, it’s a great time to attach a World Cup theme to the usual hours of pottery, oil painting, and dicking around on Photoshop.


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Transfer Talk

Milner to Man City, Ashley Cole and Mourinho to Real

To be reunited?

Cole and Mourinho

Fans of the showbusiness sections will be reeling today over pictures of Nicklas Bendtner and his elderly girlfriend, Baroness Caroline something-or-other – according to reports, he’s 22, and she’s 35. 35! OMFG! WTF! That’s a thirteen year age gap! Cringe!


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World Cup Fever

Joe Cole out, Carragher and Hargreaves in… apparently

Is Capello making a mistake?

Joe Cole 

The provisional 30 man England squad is set to be announced later today, and the news from this morning’s Mirror is that Joe Cole will receive a double blow to the solar plexus – firstly, by not being named in the thing, and [...]

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The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Liverpool team of the Millennium

He shoots… he doesn’t score!


With the New Year quietly flirting upon the horizon, The Spoiler has taken the opportunity to bid “ahoy” to some of the lovely teams that graced beautiful stadiums at the beginning of the Millennium.

Below is how Liverpool lined up when they paid a [...]

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