Nice Team!

Five Premier League players make the FIFA World XI

Messi – officially good at footer


In the least shocking turn of events since Eddie Izzard turned up in a dress and declared “I’m actually a man!”, to a rousing response of “yes, we can tell!”, Lionel Messi ran away with the FIFA World Player of the Year award.

It was never [...]

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Important England lessons from the Belarus game…

Has everyone got a pen? Take notes, people

Rooney and Heskey

After a miserable 5-1 victory over the weekend, it was nice to see England produce something close to decent footie. Rooney – now sprouting terrifying neck hair – had a stonker, the England fans were so [...]

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Lessons learned from Saturday’s horror show

Another England match, another rubbish evening…

Lampsie and Steve

The scoreline flattered to deceive, England were horrendous against Kazakhstan. Barely a decent string of passes were strung, and half of the players had the look of men who’d rather be anywhere else other than playing at home for [...]

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Merseyside Derby

Oh dear, looks like Everton are going to beat Liverpool

A city comes together united under one banner… well, two

Merseyside Derby

Oh, everything’s been going wonderfully well at Anfield – The Reds finally beat Manchester United, and got their Champions League and Carling Cup campaigns off to a winning start. Just don’t mention Stoke, nobody needs to mention [...]

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BBC Scandal

BBC, hang your head in shame

License fees wasted… 


We can all deal with cheeky misleading headlines from two-bit football blogs (ahem), but from the BBC? The home of British decency and honesty, the cornerstone of everything that is great and good, the place where the news is delivered through a firmly pinched nose? How [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Who should be England’s captain?

Does the armband belong back with Terry, or should it grace another bicep? England Captain

Stevie G was handed the captaincy in Capello’s first match in charge, but should he be in command at the France game next week, and indeed in the run up to 2010? Other [...]

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