Transfer Talk

Buffon’s actually getting angry with Man City now

Buffon – leave him alone!


In chicken shop terms, footballers are forced to endure the equivalent of your boss at KFC receiving relentless daily phone calls from the podgy guy who works over in Chicken Cottage claiming that you don’t want to work there any more, you need a [...]

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Excellent XI

The Spoiler’s Team of the Decade

Did this man make it? Read on (CLUE: yes he did)


It’s hard to know how to correctly refer to the next decade – “the tens”? The “two thousand and tens”? The “teens”? No one honestly knows. Either way, below is a compiled list of the greatest players of [...]

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Dying Breed

Call Stephen Fry: Top goalkeepers now an endangered species

It’s not just England who lack a decent number one

David James

So what did we learn over the weekend then? Well the England goalkeeping problem became a little clearer, in the sense that we now know it is a real problem. Alternative candidates have [...]

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Transfer Talk

Manchester City’s transfer failings, Chelsea chase Portuguese defender

The latest gossip, rumours and damned lies

Garry Cook

A cursory glance at the headlines this morning suggests Garry Cook [pictured above with something very overpriced] and Manchester City have learned nothing from the embarrassing Kaka saga. Several papers claim the Eastlands side have already failed to land David [...]

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January Departures

The Spoiler’s “available in the transfer window” XI

Eleven players who’ll probably all end up at Man City in January

Available in the transfer window XI

With just 23 days left until the big day, footballers all over Europe are champing at the bit to leave their current employers behind, in search of [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 127: Pamela Diaz

Chile: exporters of wine, copper and top-heavy models

In 2006, a tournament was held in Germany that gripped the attention of men all around the world. Of course, I’m referring to the Triumph Underwear Fashion Cup, where models gathered to show off lingerie with a vague sporting aesthetic. Competitors [...]

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