Five bold, probably misguided, Championship predictions

Nigel Pearson, the best Championship Manager since 2001-02

Nigel Pearson

Neither West Ham nor Leicester will win it

Both have assured bosses, big wallets and have spent well, but the distance between them and the chasing pack in the betting is staggering for a division famed for chewing up big clubs. West Ham started their last Championship stint with England internationals in tow and wound [...]

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Sneaky Betting

Paul Jewell shows Derby their last remaining hope – cheating

Derby gaffer challenges midfielder to race and wins


It’s the kind of bet that an older boy in the playground would make with you to expose your naivety, yet Paul Jewell managed to out-fox midfielder Giles Barnes with his tricky semantics:

“I raced him for £100 and he [...]

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