Photographic Evidence

Interesting Deco, Ferdinand and Cheryl Cole news

Away from the pitch they’re just like you… only cooler

Cheryl Cole

Thank Christ for the paparazzi. There, we said it. Because without these drooling heroes with their gigantic cameras and intrusive personalities, we would know nothing about the real lives of our footballers and their WAGs. Until this [...]

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Hot Coles

Ashley and Cheryl in Spain

The rain stays on the plane, but where do the tears go?

As his absurdly punishment-free existence trundles towards yet another revolting chapter, Ashley Cole can be found sunning himself in Spain with the kind lady he is slowly destroying – all as if he hasn’t a care in the world.

Bad enough that he [...]

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Hideous Fashion Error

Has Ashley Cole learnt NOTHING?


While his pop star wife nipped out to look sensual with her bandmates, Ashley Cole took it upon himself to launch headlong into yet another set of enormous social blunders.

Mistake Number One was going to Chinawhites on a Wednesday – that (along with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Friday and [...]

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WAG Watch

Cheryl Cole dumps husband in new music video

Chelsea love rat given the heave via the medium of jewellery

If you watched the recent ITV2 series The Passions of Girls Aloud, you will have seen scorned WAG Cheryl Cole training to [...]

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It's a WAG-off people

Cheryl Cole needs your help!

And a new hat!

Cheryl Cole

Not only does the nation’s favourite scorned WAG have to put up with stroppy muppet Ashley Cole, but she is currently losing a WAG-off to someone called Erin Andrews. Don’t let her lose to a Veronica Corningstone knock-off, get [...]

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WAG Watch

Cheryl Cole Watch: She’s totally fiiine

Christ, what was everyone even worrying about?

A couple of weeks ago, everyone went mental because Ashley Cole had been caught steamrollering man-faced barmaids/hairdressers behind his wife’s back, but now look at Cheryl, she is feeling GREAT.

Pottering about on mystical Thai resorts, living it up in Los Angeles with her two best pals/bandmates.

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