The Underrated

The Spoiler’s Best Mismanaged England XI ever!

These men have ample reason to grumble… 

Mismanaged XI

Well, nice one England, you’ve done it again. You’ve wasted another yet another glorious player, and Steven Gerrard is now doomed to spend his autumn years mumbling in pubs about what might have been, alongside Le Tissier, McManaman, Fowler, and [...]

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Familiar Faith Healer

Dennis Wise: “Eileen Drewery reminded me of my Mum”

Newcastle’s popular executive director shows his sensitive side

dennis wise

The latest extract in our ongoing serialisation of Dennis Wise’s popular 1999 autobiography, The Autobiography sees the former Chelsea midfielder reflecting on the time he visited Eileen Drewery.

The meeting occurred when then Chelsea manager Glenn [...]

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The real reason Gianfranco Zola is choosing West Ham over Newcastle

The Italian isn’t a fan of Dennis Wise’s sense of humour

wise and zola

It’s widely reported that Gianfranco Zola will be announced as West Ham’s new manager within 48 hours despite his former Chelsea teammate Dennis Wise supposedly showing an interest in taking him to Newcastle.


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Right wing coach

Fabio Capello is a fascist sympathiser


Prospective England boss is worse than Walt Disney

When Glenn Hoddle aired his unusual views concerning reincarnation, he was quickly lambasted and removed from his post. So it’s probably best that Fabio Capello has put his socially unacceptable opinions out in the open before taking the reins.


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