Quality Keeping

Video: Keeper saves penalty then scores

Amateur shot stopper has a good day at the office

Danke vielmals to German Spoiler fan Christian for alerting us to this inspired piece of goalkeeping. And thanks to Lenny Kravitz for continuing to entertain of with his unique blend rock, soul, funk and afro hair.

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How not to launch a quick counter-attack

German side made to pay for goalkeeper’s horrendous mistake

German teams have a reputation for being ruthlessly efficient but obviously the stereotype doesn’t ring true in the lower leagues. Michael Melka, the goalkeeper for third-tier team [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 289: Jessica Bailly

Belgium finally produces something interesting

Anyone who has seen In Bruges will be frightfully aware that nothing interesting ever happens in Belgium. Occasionally, however, ladies from the land of Hercule Poirot and waffles agree to take their clothes of in front of the cameras – one such lady is Jessica Bailly. [...]

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