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Bet on David Villa for the World Cup Golden Boot

He shoots… he probably scores!

David Villa

Of course, much money will be thrown around during the World Cup, so The Spoiler is more than happy to accept decent betting advice from those in the know. Here’s what some friends of the site had to say about [...]

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Betting News

Put your money where Didier Drogba’s mouth is

Drog-Drog – goal machine


As reported in today’s ooh-ah Daily Star, Didier Drogba said this in a recent interview:

“Can I be top scorer at the World Cup? I really hope so.”

“It’s important that we do well as a nation but if I can win the World Cup [...]

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Make/Lose money!

Start your football betting now!

Bored? Then start gambling, man…


People talk about dog years, or leap years, but time never drags quite like the months between football seasons. Grown men wander around shoe shops on Saturday afternoons, totally lost and alone. People aren’t sure whether they should be punching each other in the [...]

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