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10 Textbook Craig Bellamy Moments

Bellamy – Shy? No. Retiring? Perhaps.

Craig Bellamy 

It would probably be rather unfair to Marmite to draw a comparison with Craig Bellamy – he’s more like football’s Sting, absolutely adored by a few, considered to be at the very height of revolting by many.

And yet, in light of [...]

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Brekkin' The Law

Craig Bellamy in female fan abuse shocker

Fortunately he didn’t have access to a golf club

Craig Bellamy

In news that will undoubtedly rock the foundations of the football community, Craig Bellamy has been accused of abusing a female fan during last night’s 5-3 friendly win over Ipswich:

Bellamy was substituted with a leg [...]

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Craig Bellamy beat up a charity worker in Sierra Leone

Striker misinterprets purpose of goodwill mission

Craig bellamy

When it comes down to it, Craig Bellamy is a good guy. If you ignore the golf club attacks on teammates, nightclub assaults on women, chair hurling, racially aggravated assault and his thoroughly unprofessional attitude to transfers, he’s just a sweet [...]

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