Mr Gobby

10 Textbook Craig Bellamy Moments

Bellamy – Shy? No. Retiring? Perhaps.

Craig Bellamy 

It would probably be rather unfair to Marmite to draw a comparison with Craig Bellamy – he’s more like football’s Sting, absolutely adored by a few, considered to be at the very height of revolting by many.

And yet, in light of [...]

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Depressing List

10 Things that are more miserable than Souness

Souness – glum

Graeme Souness 

Anyone who had the displeasure of watching Graeme Souness expressing himself alongside Ruud Gullit and Jamie Redknapp on Sky Sports last night will attest to the Scotman’s rather dour, negative take on pretty much everything. Even compliments were delivered in the style of a sighing [...]

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Fleeting Appearances

The top ten shortest spells at a football club

The players who didn’t earn their loyalty bonuses

Sol Campbell

As anyone who has ever divorced will testify, sometimes it is necessary to call time on a big commitment. Footballers who sign big money contracts are no strangers to this maxim, but some jump ship a little earlier than [...]

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The Blackburn Job

Who does Alan Shearer think he is?

Blackburn not good enough for inexperienced MOTD pundit

Alan Shearer

The Daily Telegraph are today reporting that Alan Shearer may turn down the chance to succeed Mark Hughes because he “is not convinced that Blackburn would be the right place for him.”

Yes that’s right, a man [...]

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