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WAG No. 229: Amii Grove

The Page Three girl who rediscovered love in a graveyard

Few romances in the world of football are more curious than that of Amii Grove and Jermaine Pennant. In 2007, the Liverpool winger and the Page Three girl were living together in pre-fab mansion bliss, until she spotted him steamrollering another [...]

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Ridiculous WAG news

Jermaine Pennant proposes to scorned Page Three girl in a graveyard!

You couldn’t make up this kind of sexy adventure In 2007, Amii Grove enjoyed a lengthy relationship with Jermaine Pennant – she even moved into his home to provide brief distractions during the moments when the footballer wasn’t training, in a nightclub or playing Xbox. Things turned sour, however, when she caught the Liverpool winger [...]

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