How many upsets will there be in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals?

“I’ll have one”


The Spoiler’s favourite ever bet wasn’t even a winner, but provided four days of unrelenting excitement: backing the outsiders in all four Euro 2008 quarter-finals.

Germany saw off Portugal in the first, Turkey’s barmy comeback from 1-0 down in the last minute of extra-time against Croatia kept it alive and Russia saw off the tournament’s [...]

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The Spoiler’s Greece v Czech Rep and Poland v Russia fancies

Predicting more Group A goals and Greece stereotype shredding


Greece v Czech Republic

Jonathan Wilson, a man who knows far more than The Spoiler about Czech football and, well, most things, still fancies the Czech Republic to qualify and deemed the Russia result a tad misleading, but we’re going to shun his superior wisdom and side with Greece.

Their initial opponents Poland may well [...]

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Make money on Messi filling his boots against Greece

Back Argentina’s mercurial forward to finally get on the scoresheet


The goals have started flowing in this year’s World Cup, and the planet’s best footballers are finally getting in on the action.

Lionel Messi is still yet to get on the scoresheet, despite being instrumental in Argentina‘s first [...]

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Weekend preview: World Cup 2010 UEFA playoffs

Let’s get ready to rumble…


Ignoring England‘s ridiculous, money-spinning, injury-ravaged jaunt to Brazil; and the baffling decision to put the first friendly anyone might have given a toss about for ages firmly out of physical reach of the average fan, there are some actually important games going on this [...]

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In case you missed it

Video: Russia/ Sweden and Greece/ Spain highlights

Russia and Spain complete the final eight

Russia/ Sweden Highlights

Last night in Innsbruck, some old Scandinavian men were given an early summer holiday by some spritely Russians. Elsewhere, some Dutch people were starting to get quite concerned.

Greece/ Spain [...]</p>
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In case you missed it

Video: Spain/ Russia and Greece/ Sweden highlights

How to double your value, by David Villa

Spain/ Russia Highlights

Spurs and Chelsea are just two of the pack of clubs racing to steal David Villa away from Valencia, but after last night’s hat-trick they’ll performance, they’ll have to part with at least £25million for the [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Who will win Euro 2008?

Which nation will prize silverware from Greek hands? Greece Euro 2004

Without a British team on which to place unreasonable expectations in Euro 2008, it’s time to pick a side in order to make the next three weeks vaguely interesting. The Germans are favourites at

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