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The Spoiler’s Greatest Ever Barcelona XI

Yep, pretty tidy

Greatest Barcelona XI

Last night Barcelona looked like one of the truly great football teams, which got The Spoiler to thinking: how many of them would make it into an all-time Barcelona XI?

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The Big Question

Is it time for Ancelotti to throw in the towel?

Ancelotti – broken


As if Ancelotti’s disappearing self esteem weren’t in enough danger of totally vanishing, word from the weekend suggests that Roman Abramovich has been figuratively eyeing up another woman who he’d love to shower with compliments for about a year and then psychologically dismantle once the thrill of new [...]

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Leg Break!

Fabregas makes self-diagnosis, and some uplifting news

Puyol breaks Cesc’s leg… or not

Puyol and Fabregas

A high ranking member of The Spoiler team is frequently reminded by his mother about the time he casually wandered into the kitchen to inform her that he’d just fallen over outside and might have broken his legs. He [...]

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Grumble Grumble

Barca shouldn’t have bought Imbrahimovic… apparently

Was this man a massive waste of money?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

No one likes a tune-changer. No one. You know the type – old women with prune-faces, whistling merrily one minute, regaling you with all that is well with the world, then furiously scrubbing mud from their front step the next, [...]

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Sunny Spain

French star says leaving Arsenal is the biggest regret of his life

Former Gunner’s book shows how fancy transfers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Take heed Robinho…

Thierry Henry might be thinking it, but Emmanuel Petit has come out and said it – baling out of Arsenal to join Barcelona was the biggest mistake he ever made. This will come as excellent news of the [...]

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