Football-related murder news

Colombian footballer surrenders to police after killing an abusive fan

Javier Flórez shoots a supporter for calling him “weak”

As Andrés Escobar discovered fifteen years ago, Colombian football and gunpoint murders go together like peas and carrots. The latest victim of this unfortunate harmonious relationship is a fan of Atletico Junior, who pushed Javier Flórez over the edge.

Apparently, the midfielder was driving home [...]

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Central Asian Gun crime news

England fan shot in a bar for chanting

Merry supporter gets a cap in his ass


The 2006 factual documentary Borat would have us believe that Kazakhstan and its neighbouring countries are not quite civilised enough to be familiar with firearms, but an England fan has found out that this is not quite the case.

Getting in [...]

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Malaysian Football Special

Coming to a Millwall match near you soon…

It’s referees with guns!


Referees who are looking for a way to deal with the recent spate of unsightly two-footed challenges should turn to their counterparts in Kuala Lumpur for inspiration.

In a heated match that took place two weeks ago, a referee attempted to control the game [...]

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