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Cristiano Ronaldo in Jersey Shore, World Cup hairstyles…

Also appearing on a computer near you…

CR7 Jersey Shore 

To kickstart a potential feature called something like “Footballers who should be in television programmes”, above is Cristiano Ronaldo in a football reimagining of MTV’s Jersey Shore. If you can think of more footballers who would be perfectly suited to a TV show, email [...]

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Selfless Act

VIDEO: Assist of the season?

Benzema gets handed one on a platter

In the current climate, it’s nice to find a footballer who is happy to forsake his own needs for personal pleasure in [...]

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News in Brief

Arsene Wenger, Modric injury update, and Guti transfer…

Remeber this guy (on the left)?

Luka Modric 

Many football neutrals will probably view the weekend’s Merseyside Derby as the equivalent of the pre-movie cartoon, with Chelsea travelling to the Emirates later in the afternoon.

It should be a corker, and the rumblings coming from the finest football restaurants [...]

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