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Great night for Fulham. Liverpool – less so

Fulham 2-1 Hamburg

For those of you too busy watching the repeat of the recent political debates, in which Gordon Brown would punctuate his sentences with sharp gurning toad-like breaths, Fulham were busily [...]

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Ruud van Nistelrooy likes CHOCOLATE on PIZZAS!

“Yep, deep pan, please… extra pepperoni… chocolate…”

Ruud van Nistelrooy

As a general trend, children have been banned from kitchens. A wise move. Otherwise, you’d be eating dinners consisting of baked beans and jelly tots, or medium rare steaks, served on a bed of custard, garnished with [...]

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Hamburg are ready to hijack West Ham’s van Nistelrooy bid

Everybody Loves Rutgerus


There’s just over a week to go before the shutters above the January transfer window slam shut, which means two things: big deals are slowly beginning to whir into action and rumour-mongers are getting increasingly desperate.

Bongo merchant and new West Ham co-owner David Sullivan has [...]

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