The Big Question

Come on then – who’s going to win the North London derby?

Clash of the Titans… in a way

Arsene and Arry 

The two sides of North London shall be out in the streets shouting one another down over the weekend. Old women with Gareth Bale haircuts will be catfighting Arsenal grandmas with Theo Forever tattoos on their sagging buttocks. [...]

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Name your Great Britain XI

Hands up who’s expecting England + Bale

Gareth Bale

The whisper on the street is that Henry Redknapp will be offered the chance to manage a Great Britain football side at the 2012 Olympics. How exciting! And what better excuse to compile your own Team GB?

Post yours in [...]

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Big Talk

Redknapp is a very special man, gushes van der Vaart

Redknapp – amazing? Or lazy?

Harry Redknapp and Rafael van der Vaart

Should you wish to see your beautiful new girlfriend morph into a berserk monster before your very eyes, tell her that she’s great and everything, but your ex was a wild cat [...]

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No pace in Spurs injury-hit attack worries Redknapp

Crouchy is Spurs’ only fit striker ahead of Blackburn clash


Harry Redknapp is hoping that his lack of available strikers and pace at the attacking end of the field does not prove too much of a hindrance on their Premier League title aspirations.

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