And they're off!

Liverpool for sale! And here’s the new chairman!

Ladies and gentlemen… Martin Broughton!

Finally, news just in, Gillett and Hicks have officially put Liverpool up for sale. It’s taken a while, but as everyone knows, our American cousins [...]

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Weekend Update

Real’s new managerial shortlist, Cesc to Man City…

Plus, these guys look to be sodding off

Hicks and Gillett

And so the sun decided to come out for the weekend, giving rise to a wholly unnecessary carnival atmosphere. Even the most microscopic areas of roadside grass were awash with men and women gently folding salami [...]

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Transfer Talk

Juventus eye up Benitez… and Mascherano… and Torres

Planning a jailbreak, chaps?

Benitez, Torres, Mascherano

The word filtering through from our great pals at Caught Offside is that Juventus are lining up an ambitious swoop for the Liverpool trio: Rafa Benitez, Javier Mascherano, and Fernando Torres.

The Italian club has had a pretty disappointing time of [...]

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Oh Fernando!

Torres points a disappointed finger at Gillett and Hicks

“I’m gonna punch you in the face”

Hicks and Gillett

No one likes to play the blame game, but with Liverpool in turmoil after a dreadful season by their own standards, Fernando Torres has raised a metaphorical finger to the maelstrom, whilst simultaneously shining the spotlight of blame on Gillett and Hicks – [...]

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Well said, sir

A Spoiler reader’s open letter to Gareth Barry

‘Marcus’ embraces the blogging spirit, and then some

Aside from a nice cold beer on a hot Christmas morning, nothing makes The Spoiler staff happier than a well thought-out constructive comment on a story. So imagine our delight when we saw this lengthy effort from Villa fan Marcus, expressing his utter dismay over [...]

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Finance Headache

Liverpool may be forced to sell Fernando Torres

Spanish striker could be working for a bank next year

Fernando Torres

According to The Times, Liverpool will be forced to sell Fernando Torres and Ryan Babel if they do not stump up £31.5m owed to creditors.

Usually, Premier League clubs fund purchases through television income, but [...]

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Agony at Anfield

Will DIC bleed Liverpool any more gently than the Americans?

Hey Liverpool fans – you’re a high growth opportunity!  It’s no secret that Liverpool fans have fallen out of love with their American overlords, but have they actually taken a look at the mission statement of prospective new owners DIC? It goes a little like this: The company focuses on the creation and maximisation [...]

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Kop Fashion

What Liverpool fans will be wearing tomorrow

Inevitable comedy garment goes on sale


Apparently, Liverpool fans are a tad unhappy with their American owners at the moment (I know, I had no idea either!) and now they have the opportunity to show their distaste via the medium of the t-shirt slogan. Pick up your slice of [...]

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