Great Trip

Spanish footballers go to Ibiza for a wonderful holiday

Oh God! They’re so happy!

Pepe Reina

How long before The Spoiler stops explaining the OK! magazine link when it comes to some of the daily posts. Should this be the last time? Or not?

Anyway, long story short: found a copy of the urgent celebrity magazine OK!, really [...]

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A lovely boat

Gerard Pique enjoys a wonderful summer holiday

Oh God! They’re on a boat!

Gerard Pique

Site regulars might have noticed a new dimension to The Spoiler in recent days. The hard hitting news is still there, so is the informative football analysis. But there’s something else. Something womanly.

Well, friends, that’s because someone left a copy of OK! in [...]

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The Gambler

Frank Lampard wins £300,000 in Las Vegas

Chelsea star knows when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em

Frank Lampard

Swinging bachelor Frank Lampard has been enjoying his freedom in the Nevada desert recently, and has been occupying most of his time with a role as the Wynn Hotel’s resident bikini inspector.

When the [...]

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Fashion Update

That’s hot! Rio Ferdinand borrows Cristiano Ronaldo’s summer wardrobe

Manchester Utd star rocks the crop top and and hot pants combo

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand is currently enjoying a lad’s holiday in Israel (ex-Chelsea star and current complete muppet Jody Morris is among those accompanying him).

Either he is taking part in some good ol’ fashioned stag games [...]

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Camp Fashion News

Cristiano Ronaldo defends his metrosexual wardrobe

Manchester Utd star says ‘it’s good to be different’

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Spoiler is no stranger to bucking the trend of conventional fashion – one time we wore a belt that didn’t match with our shoes – but we would probably draw the line at stepping out in hot [...]

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WAG Watch

Recession threaten’s Alex Curran’s bikini wearing ability

Stevie G’s wife may have to cut back on luxury holidays

The current economic downturn has certainly taken its toll on the nation’s workforce, but is also appears to have had a damning effect on those who don’t do anything for a living.

According to today’s Daily Telegraph, professional leisure seeker Alex Curran [...]

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