weekend round up

Important Cristiano Ronaldo and Danielle Lloyd news

Man bathes, woman goes out drinking…


For those of you who spent the weekend swanning around at the Cartier International Polo in Windsor, you didn’t miss too much. Cristiano Ronaldo continued his vigorous stateside holidaying, further pushing the limits of his tan, which is now a deep leather. Whether [...]

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God Complex

Luka Modric in strange poolside ritual shocker!

Man allows woman out of cage… for a bit

Footballers are adored by women. You’ve seen them, hanging around in clubs, sweeping up girls like they were big bosomy clumps of dust and they were the world’s most efficient vacuum cleaner. Hence, they can get away with all sorts of strange demands when they’re on [...]

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Unsightly Trunks

Capello holidaying in pants

England players, look away now! 

Capello and topless wife

Nothing upsets the eyes more than spotting your boss in a non-work situation, and realising that the man who sends chills through your blood every single day of the week spends his summers in tight Speedos, dangling his [...]

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Good Woman

Oksana Andersson wins MOST LIBERAL WAG prize

UK’s finest take note…

WAGs are funny. So tanned, so moisturised, so pretty, but informally ask one if she’s going to remove her top any time soon, and the air will suddenly chill – it’s as if you’ve said something wrong/inappropriate. Weird.

One WAG who isn’t so uptight when it comes to removing clothes, however, [...]

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WAG Watch

England’s failure spells bikini fun for nation’s finest WAGs

Part one of The Spoiler’s in-depth WAG holiday analysis

Without the need to attend a European Championships, it’s only natural that the nation’s premier supporting ladies have escaped the thoroughly unpredictable English weather for sunnier climes.

Pictured above is Steven Gerrard using a common Liverpudlian communication technique to attract the attention of his lovely wife [...]

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