Tubby 'Ballers

Wayne Rooney: still fat

Striker fails to trim down during summer of excess

Wayne Rooney is fat

It’s obviously a slow news day, as the two big stories in the papers are Rio Ferdinand’s Stamford Bridge steward kicking incident (which happened three months ago) and Wayne Rooney’s expanding waistline.

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Healthy Regime

Rooney’s rigourous pre-season training continues

Cigarettes and fast food help Wayne stay fit in his summer break

The Wynn Casino is one of the best in Las Vegas, boasting no less than fifteen award winning restaurants. Guests, for example, may enjoy the Michelin-starred delights of celebrity chef Alessandro Stratta in Alex, or the equally Michelin-starred delicacies avaliable in [...]

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wedded bliss

The Rooneys show worrying lack of honeymoon flair

We give it three years… tops

Wise men say that the key to a long happy marriage is variety. You need to mix it up. Of course, we would all like to eat ham and chips every day, and make great missionary love by night, but women are complicated creatures. They actually like change.

So, [...]

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