Ian Wright banned from Manchester City

SWP’s dad can’t meet him at the school gates anymore

Ian Wright

Manchester City chief exec Garry Cook has barred Ian Wright from Eastlands, after growing tired of the loudmouth pundit continually having a pop at the club.

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Ian Wright loves Dion Dublin’s Dube

Musical instrument making waves in the industry

If you’ve seen Dion Dublin on the TV any time in the last couple years, there’s a good chance he will have been hawking his beloved percussive invention ‘the [...]

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Terrible News

No! Ian Wright gets sacked from his TV presenting job

Ian judging a “best dressed lady” competition… seriously

Ian Wright 

In hideous Saturday night WKD drinkers terms, getting sacked from Live at Studio 5 is a bit like getting knocked back by some ”3 out of 10″ who you were only chatting to because it was 2am, and your mates keep telling [...]

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Video Special

The 10 Most Magnificent Footballers/Pop Stars EVER!

Glenn and Chris – at their day jobs

Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle 

It’s sometimes easy to forget that footballers are also human beings. Frighteningly gifted human beings, who can turn their hand to pretty much anything. Some ooze seamlessly into management or punditry, others open [...]

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