Disappointing List

The top six underwhelming England strikers

The hitmen who didn’t quite cut it at international level

Chris Sutton

In light of in-form Sunderland striker Darren Bent’s omission from Don Fabio’s latest England squad, Spoiler correspondent Alex Perry has compiled a list of English strikers who failed to sparkle on the international stage. Who knows, Darren, if [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Do paying fans have the right to abuse players?

Drogba’s coin incident sees footballers turn on mean supporters

Didier Drogba flips the bird

Following Didier Drogba’s over-zealous spare change distribution earlier this week, a number of stars past and present asked the FA and police to focus their attentions on the Burnley fan who originally [...]

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Pundit poetry

Can anyone remember if England are playing tomorrow?

Newcastle and Manchester City have tried to monopolise the news this week – but they forgot about Ian Wright’s love for his country.

Ian Wright

Back in April, Ian Wright decided his style of punditry was no longer suitable for Match of the Day. Their “jacket, shirt and tie” [...]

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Where Sport Meets Porn

Dennis Wise and Ian Wright share a private moment

Chelsea skipper employs unique defending strategy

Dennis Wise and Ian Wright

Little Dennis Wise isn’t all about needless aggression and taking Mike Ashley’s money for no particular reason. In his late nineties playing career, he also offered free testicular exams, and here he is carrying [...]

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