Great Trip

Spanish footballers go to Ibiza for a wonderful holiday

Oh God! They’re so happy!

Pepe Reina

How long before The Spoiler stops explaining the OK! magazine link when it comes to some of the daily posts. Should this be the last time? Or not?

Anyway, long story short: found a copy of the urgent celebrity magazine OK!, really [...]

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WAG Watch

Abbey Clancy’s boyfriend proposes to Abbey Clancy

The nation’s hottest WAG officially goes off the market

Having met Peter Crouch many times during his Southampton days, The Spoiler knows for a fact that he is a thoroughly decent chap, and undoubtedly one of the most genuine characters in the game today.

However, we can no longer hide the fact that we secretly [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 362: Ana Obregón

Spanish cougar snares a Championship star

At 54 years of age, Spanish actress and model Ana Obregón is precisely twice the age of the footballer to whom she has recently been romantically linked. Our besties at Kickette have informed us about the “special relationship” between Ana and Sheffield Utd striker [...]

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Tubby 'Ballers

Wayne Rooney: still fat

Striker fails to trim down during summer of excess

Wayne Rooney is fat

It’s obviously a slow news day, as the two big stories in the papers are Rio Ferdinand’s Stamford Bridge steward kicking incident (which happened three months ago) and Wayne Rooney’s expanding waistline.

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High Maintenance?

Abbey Clancy climbs aboard the good ship Peter Crouch

Never turn your back on a supermodel! 

WAGs need attention. Constant attention. After all, what the hell’s the point in being totally gorgeous if no one is going to look at you? You might as well be ugly. No one ever looks at ugly people.

All of which might explain Abbey Clancy’s strange holiday behaviour.  [...]

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Aye aye captain frank

Lampard gets all hoity toity!

Can you spot Lampsie? There he is!


Whoever has been spreading nasty rumours about what footballers get up to once the season’s over should go and eat a massive chunk of humble pie, because not all of them sit in their pants demanding cocktails and oral sex. Some [...]

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