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Man City money splurge, and bad news for Aaron Lennon

The billionaire’s Crouch

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Those looking to have their minds completely blown would be wise to click here, and take on a spooky internet genie, who seems able to infiltrate your actual thoughts. So long as you’re thinking about a movie character.

And in other important news, [...]

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The Big Question

Who would do better out of a Kaka for Ibrahimovic deal?

Sophie’s choice…

Kaka and Ibrahimovic 

Chelsea might be rather put out to hear that their ex-golden child, Jose Mourinho, has been rubbing his hands together at the prospect of offering Chelsea-target Kaka to Barcelona in return for Ibrahimovic.

An interesting bit of business. A Brazilian on the slide [...]

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Transfer Talk

The 10 most enthralling transfer stories of the summer

Including this ongoing saga…

Enthralling transfers

Make no mistake about it, the next couple of months are going to become transfer bonkers. With that in mind, after the jump, you’ll find some of the biggest stories of the summer. Potentially. 

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Transfer Talk

Real Madrid keen to spoil Barca’s Fabregas party

Cesc – sporting a beard of malcontent


Anyone who has ever actually urinated on some communal chips will probably attest to a twisted surge of satisfaction that comes from cutting your nose off to spite other people’s faces.

Hence, Real Madrid can lean back and slow hand [...]

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