WAG of the Day

WAG No. 225: Veronika Varekova

Don’t you hate it when sand gets stuck to your suntan lotion?

Lucky Czechoslovakian NHL star Petr Nedved managed to persuade Victoria’s Secret supermodel Veronika Varekova to become his wife in 2004. Understandably, the ice hockey pro wanted to be near his wife in New York City, so in 2006 [...]

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WAG of the day

WAG No. 193: Kelly Carlson

A gift from our mates at Polite Applause

If you recognise Kelly, it’s probably because you’re a big fan of her work on Nip/Tuck – the US television hit about two cosmetic surgeons who just love having sex with people. She plays Kimber, a steamy young vixen, who uses [...]

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Video of the Day

Never insult a Russian hockey player

They like to settle disputes with bloody brawls

It’s generally accepted that mild aggression has a part to play in ice hockey, yet here’s a bout of fisticuffs from Tuesday night that would make

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