Sporting Gijon boss accidently bottles woman while aiming for Real Madrid team bus

Unchecked madness after ill-tempered match


Yesterday’s La Liga clash between Sporting Gijon and Real Madrid was embroiled in controversy before a ball had been kicked, following Hee-hon gaffer Manuel Preciado calling Jose Mourinho ‘a villain’ and ‘a bad companion’ after the Portugese claimed Perciado fielded a weakened team against [...]

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Beautiful Lady

A small World Cup gallery of football hotty, Sara Carbonero

Sara… with boyfriend lurking in the background

Sara Carbonero 

Here at The Spoiler, we know our place. The Spoiler is a niche site, comfortable like an old friend, yet still a fresh, vital and exciting hub of activity for those in the know.

But, when put up against big hitters like the [...]

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Iker Casillas behaves rather inappropriately on the news

OMG! He just kissed his girlfriend!

Rather cleverly, the BBC and ITV made a point of deploying ugly men who look exactly like toby jugs around the World Cup press areas, armed with probing questions about the match. That way, their live [...]

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Iker Casillas’ girlfriend grills him live on TV after Spain loss

WAG-slash-TV presenter Sara Carbonero pulls no punches


Iker Casillas and Rob Green have now got three things in common – apart from sharing a fondness for having balls kicked at them at hundreds of miles an hour, they’ve both conceded an absolute horrorshow of a goal at this [...]

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