Works of Art

A couple of wonderful Mascherano “Sheepdog” pics

Great stuff from Spoiler reader, German Ortiz!

Mascherano Sheepdog

To quickly explain the reason behind these – Mascherano has a dog-like quality (in a good way!), and his “master” Rafa Benitez looks a little bit like those portly chaps who used to wander around whistling on One Man and [...]

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OMFG! A wedding!

Wesley Sneijder marries Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen

Oh God! They’re beautiful!

Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen and Wesley Sneijder

It’s not often that The Spoiler gets the chance to get all OK! Magazine about it, so if this short piece about a man marrying a woman reads a little bit strained, you know [...]

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News in brief

Goalie fingered for “murder”, Sneijder’s staying put…

Sneijder – doesn’t fancy Manchester

Wesley Sneijder 

Wesley Sneijder probably won’t thank The Spoiler for the headline – no one really likes their name featured in a bold sentence about murder. And to make this clear, the only thing that links the two stories is that they’re both featured [...]

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