Mad Men

Luis Figo all set to further infuriate Barcelona fans

“Roll up, roll up, get your pig’s heads!”

Pig’s Head

As gestures of football annoyance go, they don’t come much more terrrifying than the time Barcelona fans hurled a pig’s head at Luis Figo for joining Real Madrid. What the head actually symbolised, no one knows. But of all the animal body [...]

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The Big Question

Who should take over when Sir Alex Ferguson retires?

One of these, perhaps?

Moyes and O’Neill 

Gentlemen of a certain age are just so hard to predict, with their lagging memories, their terrible mood swings, and their stories about the olden days that start out very nicely, then end rather racistly. You just don’t know what to expect.


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Transfer Talk

If City don’t make 4th, Tevez will be off… apparently

Lighters at the ready, City fans!


Remember how you first felt when you saw Carlos Tevez scurrying around like a labrador chasing a wasp for West Ham? He had the look of a man so loyal that he would painfully amputate his own feet using a plastic spoon if it meant [...]

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