Mo Money

Street rapper Jay-Z wants to give Arsenal some money

Photoshop skills used to represent story…

Jay Z

In light of a recent article about Thierry Henry, which appears to have bizarrely ruffled a few feathers, The Spoiler is now rather fearful of being labeled “anti-Arsenal” just by writing about the club.

So, it is with very [...]

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Up for Sale

Berlusconi wants to sell AC Milan to Colonel Gaddafi

Rossoneri is “no longer a worthwhile investment” for Italian PM

Colonel Gaddafi and Silvio Berlusconi

Since their two countries made peace with one another, Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi and Italian Prime Minister/AC Milan owner/caricature sex pest Silvio Berlusconi have bee getting on like a house on [...]

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Revealed: Cristiano Ronaldo’s investment plans

Manchester Utd star starts collecting luxury watches

Cristiano Ronaldo rocks some bling

At a time when keeping vast sums of money in a bank account is a relatively fruitless endeavour, the Premier League’s wealthiest are looking for new ways to invest their assets.

Cristiano Ronaldo has [...]

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Shrewd Investment

Roman Abramovich set to invest £60m

… but not into Chelsea

Daria Zhukova, Roman Abramovich and a disappointed child

One of the only Premier League club owners to suffer more than Mike Ashley during the current economic crisis is Roman Abramovich: reports suggest he has lost up to a [...]

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Bad investment

Michael Owen’s wallet hit hard by Stanford scandal

Stanford ambassador likely to lose huge chunk of wealth

Stanford bank Picture: Worried customers queue to withdraw their savings from a Stanford bank. Not pictured: The wolf banging at Michael Owen’s door.

Last April, Michael Owen agreed to become a global ambassador for the Stanford Financial Group. That’s [...]

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Money Matters

Isn’t it time Arsenal took on some investment?

Would you trust this man with your club?

Alisher Usmanov

While balancing the books may win Arsenal plaudits in the business world, supporters fail to see the honourable value of trading within one’s own means, and are becoming increasingly impatient with the lack of investment in the playing staff. [...]

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