Transfer Talk

Milner to Man City, Ashley Cole and Mourinho to Real

To be reunited?

Cole and Mourinho

Fans of the showbusiness sections will be reeling today over pictures of Nicklas Bendtner and his elderly girlfriend, Baroness Caroline something-or-other – according to reports, he’s 22, and she’s 35. 35! OMFG! WTF! That’s a thirteen year age gap! Cringe!


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News in Brief

AC still want Becksie, Barca fancy Torres, and more…

Beckham shirt – still in stock

Beckham Shirt 

He’s had a rubbish few days has David Beckham. One minute he’s trotting around, daydreaming about the World Cup, the next he’s in a changing room, weeping in emotional agony because his Achilles Tendon isn’t what it used to be.

It’s [...]

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Football Highlights

Robinho proves some kind of point… probably

Ireland 0-2 Brazil

For those of you far too busy composing John Terry chants, and sewing together banners fashioned from old bed sheets, and bits of curtain, Ireland and [...]

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