Weekend preview: World Cup 2010 UEFA playoffs

Let’s get ready to rumble…


Ignoring England‘s ridiculous, money-spinning, injury-ravaged jaunt to Brazil; and the baffling decision to put the first friendly anyone might have given a toss about for ages firmly out of physical reach of the average fan, there are some actually important games going on this [...]

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Ireland’s World Cup song

What do you mean, they haven’t qualified yet

The Corrigan Brothers (Gerard, Brian and Donncha if you must know) made an indent into the world’s brow, when they popped [...]

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French Faux Pas

Domenech: Ireland are like the England B team

Oh dear

Many stars. And Raymond Domenech

Never one to shy away from a faux pas (or its French equivalent…), French clown and part-time boss Raymond Domenech has today declared the following:

“The advantage is that everyone knows them. They are a sort of [...]

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Staying in m'lord

Stay up late for Uruguay vs Argentina tonight

England the hors d’oeuvre ahead of an Argentine main course


Starting at 5pm, you can take your televisual pick from five meaningless World Cup qualifiers, before the real action starts at a slightly-inconvenient-if-you-work time of 11.

Germany (already through) vs Finland (already out) help ESPN stave [...]

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