News in brief

Aaron Lennon’s feeling better, Mancini’s staying put…

Lennon – back on the plane?

Aaron Lennon

Fans of romantic things will presumably be wiping their tears away with fallen rose petals today, with the terrible news that Lenny Henry and Dawn French are getting divorced. Did she tire of his hilarious jokes? Was his Theophilus P. Wildebeest [...]

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Fashion Update

That’s hot! Rio Ferdinand borrows Cristiano Ronaldo’s summer wardrobe

Manchester Utd star rocks the crop top and and hot pants combo

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand is currently enjoying a lad’s holiday in Israel (ex-Chelsea star and current complete muppet Jody Morris is among those accompanying him).

Either he is taking part in some good ol’ fashioned stag games [...]

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Cheeky Goal

Video: Ball boy gets an assist

Young Israeli helps his side to victory

It’s hard to believe, but most people don’t follow the events of Israel’s second tie, the Ligat Leumit, and therefore this incident from [...]

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